Ambar Feed – Mills

Ambar Feed Institute

Ambar, the largest producer of livestock foodstuff in Israel, is committed to the highest standards in product quality and customer services. The company’s ability to maintain its excellence has made it a market leader.

All of Ambars’ employees are committed to upholding its reputation as a reliable, professional and efficient company, ensuring its continued success in raising livestock and continued customer growth.


Ambar is the largest and most technologically advanced feed institute in Israel. Ambar operates on the basis of the most advanced and uncompromising quality standards in the world. It is a leader in innovation, having introduced new technologies and computerization into all its work processes.

Ambar was established in the 1960’s by farmers from the Sharon region. For 50 years it was owned by 39 Kibbutzim and cooperative Moshavim that belong to the Granot regional organization and are located in Central Israel. Over the years, the list of owners expanded and today, it also includes Harey Yehuda farms, the Negev Farms and Southern Israel farms. In total, it includes 146 Kibbutzim and Moshavim from the outskirts of Haifa to Eilat.

About 300 workers are employed by Ambar throughout the country. They represent all of the religions and sectors of Israeli society. Cooperation between Ambar’s employees, the companies and the deep connection between them and Ambar are doubtless the secret to the factory’s success.

Ambar owns two main production sites:

The first is located in the Granot Industrial zone adjacent to Road 65, only a few minutes’ drive from Israel’s main highways. The second, Ambar South, is close to Be’er Sheva, on Route 6. Both sites provide feed produce to the entire country on a daily basis, thanks to Ambar’s fleet of 50 distribution trucks.

In 2016, Ambar produced 870 thousand tons of animal feed for a variety of livestock, including: broiler hens, turkeys, breeders, layers, dairy cows, calves, sheep, fish and more.  In addition to its routine production lines, the factory supplies individual orders from customers, in accordance with their needs at any given time.

The factory production lines maintain the required conditions for the breeders sectors’ strict biological safety demands. Its state-of-the-art equipment allows flexibility and offers a variety of solutions, concurrently, to a number of clients. It is also fully supported by Ambar’s laboratory and the factory’s technical team.

To ensure the high quality of its final product, Ambar produces the premix and vitamins from the highest quality and most reliable sources. It imports the raw materials independently from the best growers and producers in the world and implements an internal quality control system that provides full services to Ambar feeds whilst delivering supplies to external clients.

In addition Ambar markets a wide variety of raw materials, seeds and food additives that are used for animal feeding.

Additional Activities

Ambar Feed Centers

Ambar Feed Centers produce and provides feed mixes for ruminants across the country. Today, the company is spread across the country, in seven sites, from Ramat HaGolan in the North to Eilot, near Eilat.

Ambars’ Feed Centers have introduced a new truck delivery system to Israel. They distribute the feed mix directly into the trough, along with a method of “complete meals” that ensures the animals receive all the nutritional values they need on a daily basis.

Alef Bar

Alef Bar is Ambar’s poultry branch. It produces 30 thousand tons of meat a year.

Ramit & Efrat

The partners Ramit and Efrat are Israeli representatives of the international companies But and Russ.

They operate parent stock coops for broiler chicks and Turkeys in a number of locations in Israel. Amber owns 50% of these companies.

Cornish Hen Ltd

Cornish Hen Ltd owns slaughterhouses for poultry and turkeys and operates a number of sites: Of Hanegev, Hod Hefer and Kfar Menahem. Ambar owns 50% of Cornish.

Mekorit Bar

Mekorit Bar deals in raising and marketing light layer hens. Amber owns 50% of the company.